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Wheat Class

Daily message for the wonderful Weetos in Wheat class.

Good morning it is Friday 17th July 2020.


Today is the last day of the school year. Well done for all your hard work this year.

I have loved being your teacher and seeing you all work so hard.

Enjoy your summer holiday. Make lots of fun memories and I look forward to seeing you all in September - even though we will be in different classes you will all have a place in my heart forever.

Lots of love 

From Mrs Loftus   smiley xxxxx








Useful reading link.


Please click on the link below for reading activities- this is linked to the Collins Big cat books that we have in our Reading scheme.


For this half term all the classes are planning themed weeks of learning so we have the same theme across the school. Our theme for this week is Great British Values. Year 2 children you will be following the planning for Oats class.

Please see the learning below. The planning format looks slightly different but if you could try to do some Maths, English, Phonics and then topic each day that would be brilliant.

Spellings - have a go at learning to read and write these words.

Collective Worship activities.

Have a look in the Collective Worship section of the website for some lovely activities to link with the value of Creativity. We would love to post some on the page for others to view. Have fun.

Why are we celebrating VE day on Friday 8th May ?

Wheat Home Learning 4th May 2020 

Have a look at the home learning for this week. Thank you for all the brilliant work you are all doing at home. Great Teamwork adults and children. I have included some additional common exception words sheets, one for Year 1 and one for Year 2. It is up to you if you choose to do them.

I have also included some seaside mindfulness colouring sheets- in class we have a 20 minute session once a week where we listen to calming music and colour. Parents you might like to have a go too. There are 12 colouring sheets so you might like to print just one. If you don't have access to a printer then you could draw a picture instead or use a colouring book you have at home.

Any learning that you do at home is a bonus. Well done and thank you to you all.

These Phonics lessons are based on the Letters and Sounds scheme of work.

We use Song of Sounds at Milton but these lessons will help your child to practise their letter sounds. Ask your child to sing the part of the song that goes with the phonemes [ sounds] that are covered in each programme.

Reading and writing activities you might like to try.

Wheat Home Learning 30th March 2020

I have included some extra Easter themed activities which you may like to do.

Showcase of Home learning.

Look for the documents called Wheat Home learning showcase to see how some of the other Weetos have been learning. Have fun looking at and sharing each other's ideas.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Caterpillars and toys supporting home learning

Fabulous work

Brilliant work - Well done

Building robots

Sport and Fitness learning with maths challenges

Keep Fit Weetos

Look at our brilliant home learning

Great to hear about the discussions taking place this week

London Landmarks

Learning about British Values

British Values

The 1970s

Reading opens the door to all learning

Workbook home learning

Playing 1970s games

We are working hard.

Fabulous home learning

Aboriginal art and learning about Australia

More learning about Australia

Learning about Australia

Fantastic Home learning

Environmental art - beautiful
Using Lego for Maths

Amazing art using two pens in one hand and skeletons

A dragon
Writing my sister's name
Watch out, skeletons about!

Amazing art work

Gel pen picture using three colours
Dotty picture

Wednesday's Wow work

Today's Art Gallery

Fruit and vegetable faces
Art using real fruit and veg
Squiggle art
Straight line art
Making structures
Wow, what an impressive design
Observational drawings

Art Week 2

Guess the animals
A window view writing
Read about the view from the window.

Amazing artists

Jacob listened to the artist to paint this.
Finger painting animals by Alfie

Wonderful home learning Wheat class Weetos

Super home learning

Super Diary writing about the weekend.

A super seaside picture with written descriptions.

Can you spot the before and after tidying pictures? Great work and helping at home too.

Hard working Weeto Pirates

Numbers on a 100 square counting.
More super counting in patterns.
Come aboard my pirate ship in a rough sea.
Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, and 11s.
Pirate writing.
Do not disturb this reading pirate.
Super spellings from the word lists.
Pirate painting.

Measuring, Weighing, Messages , Monsters and Maths.

Pirate fun

Message in a bottle
Thinking of th words on Thursday

Look at our learning

Well done Weeto Pirates

Pirate writing
11cm measuring
Tricky words on a pirate island

Happy VE day

VE Day Morse code

Bread and Fish in the sea

Baking Jewish Challah bread
Yum, it looks delicious.
A happy fish swimming in the sea

Can you name the items beginning with W?

Fantastic learning.

A brilliant blue sea for a pirate.
Have you made your VE day bunting?
Online phonics
Is the number more or less?
Playing a game

Meet the puppets .

My puppet has feathers.
And he has huge eyes.
I have whiskers and a bow tie.
Shades of blue.
More shades of blue.

We have been busy today

Fun on Friday.

My boat can float. Like the Goat in a boat .
Puddles to jump in. SPLASH!!!!
What's the time ?

It might be raining but we have been learning.

Pirate boat
Made out of recycled materials
Learning to sew
My pebble friend lives here.
Telling the time.
Labelling parts of a flower
Naming animals
Playing a game
Using phonic skills
Amazing maths

I spy Wheat class pirates!

Wow! A fabulous pirate ship.
Measuring amounts in litres.
I spy treasure coming from the printer.

Super Science, Reading, Writing, Maths and online Phonics.

Yo Ho Ho look at this brilliant learning.

Capacity using measuring spoons.
Which holds the most water.
Come aboard  Weeto Pirates.

More fantastic learning

Great writing.
Marvellous maths
Working hard
Keep going.
Time to paint
Fun in the sun.
What did we find?

Learning outside in the sunshine.

Is this Speedy or Conker?
Capacity measuring 1 litre of water .

Yo Ho Ho What have we been learning?

Computer work
Beach display
Pirate lego
Wonderful writing
Follow the treasure map
A disco tortoise
A D J Pirate ship
Yummy Easter biscuits

Yo Ho Ho Weeto Pirates

A seaside picture with glitter
A friendly octopus
Can you follow this treasure map?
Look at my work
I am proud of this
I'm Captain Jack
Can you read my work?
Reading every day is so important
Look how hard I am concentrating.
Estimating amounts.
Paper chains.
Pirate yoga

Look at what some of the Weetos have been doing.

Wow work

A rainbow for the NHS
Labelling parts of the body
Marvellous maths
 More marvellous maths

Happy Easter

Friday 3rd April

NHS paper people
An Easter poem
Blowing bubbles is fun
Thank you NHS
Making an Easter egg friend.

Thursday 2nd April

Clap for the NHS
Clap for the NHS
Can you spot the Easter basket ?
Reading a book about cats to a dog.
Easter garden designing.
Finished Ta dah!
Pasta is perfect for maths

Tuesday 31st March 2020

A superhero dog who shoots ice .
PE with the help of baked beans
Reading time in the den

Welcome to the Wheat class pages. I will be uploading a weekly timetable for Home learning each week. Please complete the activities with your child and have lots of fun learning together.

Kind regards,

Mrs Loftus

Recently, in Collective Worship we heard that the rainbow is a sign of hope. Paint or draw a picture of a rainbow and put it up in a window in your home so that when people are out for a walk they can look for rainbows.