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Collective Worship

Collective Worship - 3 Year Cycle


A couple of local parishioners have made these videos reading the Open the Book Good Friday and Easter passages as part of our Collective Worship for Easter:  


Good Friday




These are the Collective Worship videos for Easters from Eve and Peter:


The Mary at the foot of the cross part is

The Easter Day type one is

Here is the next link from Eve and Peter with a Collective Worship clip;
Here is another link from Eve and Peter with a short Collective Worship clip; 
Eve and Peter have recorded another collective worship about the baptism of Jesus which was Sunday's reading. Please view via this link;

Remembrance Day

Here is a video about Remembrance as part of our Collective Worship;

Here are the first two episodes of Collective Worship uploaded to Youtube; one for keystage one,, and one for keystage two

Revd. Eve and Peter have made a Collective Worship video for us all. Here's the link


Spring Term Values - Responsibility and Justice

W/B 1st June - Thankfulness. Read the story below and then think of something you are thankful for today. Then find out how to say thank you in different languages.

W/B 8th June. Read The Journey of Milk. Then find out about the journey of another food product and list all the people in the journey that you would need the thank.

W/B 15th June. The prayer we say before meals, sometimes called the grace, is important because it reminds us how blessed we are. Write a prayer to say Thank you for the food we have.

W/B 22nd June. The woman in the story below gave her most precious gift to Jesus to show her Thankfulness. Listen to the song 'The Circle of Life' (from the Lion King) then write or draw the best things about your life in a paper circle. Then say a prayer that starts "Father God we thank you for ...."

W/B 29th June.

Draw a black dot in the middle of a large piece of white paper. Even though the dot is very small our eyes are drawn to it. Sometimes it is easier to notice what is wrong in other people and in the things that happen in the world rather than noticing the good things.

Gospel means 'good news' and The Bible is sometimes referred to as The Good News. Select a text from The Bible and think about what the good news in the story is.

W/B 6th July Time to Say "Thank You" Task

We have created a Prayer Tree in the front entrance lobby. If you would like to write a prayer and attach it to the tree please do

During COVID-19 we will continue to produce activities for the children to support our learning about Christian  Values. This half term our focus is on Creation.

Below you will find a weekly activity that you can complete, I would love to see what you produce so please email photos back to the school office FAO Mrs Tidby


W/b 20th April - Read Psalm 148 below. Then produce a picture or piece of art about God’s Creation

W/b 27th April Talk about Creativity Together task

W/b 4th May. Wonders of Creation task below. Decide on your favourite 7 wonders.

W/b 11th May Go on a sensory walk with your family. Create a map of your walk and fix to your map things that you found.

W/b 18th May Create your own piece of Andy Goldsworthy art work in your garden. For ideas there are some on the art subject page.

W/b 25th May Take time to reflect on the beautiful things in God’s Creation. Now write a poem or prayer to reflect your thoughts.Here are some fascinating facts below.