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Starting School

I hope everyone has received their starting school pack of information, please fill in and return the enclosed forms and then we will be able to contact you and your child’s pre-school. We look forward to your child starting school and we will be sending them a letter from their teacher soon.
Thursday 16th April is primary school offer day for pupils starting in reception in September 2020. 
Please make sure you accept your child’s school place offer and then we will be in touch with you soon.

Ideas for things to do with your child ahead of starting school

  • recite nursery rhymes and sing a song
  • jump on two feet and hop on one foot
  • recognise their own name
  • do up a zip
  • put on their socks and shoes
  • know the names of different colours
  • put pegs onto a washing line ( low level)
  • count up to ten and from ten back to zero
  • join in with repetition in stories

Careful listening is a very very important part of a child’s development towards being able to read. Go on a walk and ask your child to listen carefully to the sounds they can hear and try to guess what they are. Can they hear the birds tweeting, the rustling of leaves, church bells ringing, a helicopter in the sky.


This game can be played inside too by putting things that make sounds into a box and asking your child to guess what they are. You could try this with keys, a rattle, a squeaky toy etc