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British Values

British Values Days Programme of Learning

Hops Class were learning about MP's and their roles. We produced a mock election where children represented a party: Green, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats. They produced a manifesto, budget, posters and a speech to pitch their idreas.

Hops Class

For our British Values afternoon, Hops focused on the big question: 'When is your individual liberty curtailed or removed?'
This stemmed many questions as to what the differences are between rules and laws and when it is acceptable to get liberty taken away. From these discussions, we created our own shield with four personal values of when someone's liberty should not be removed, e.g food, shelter and warmth.

21/02/2024 - Wheat Class (Rule of Law)

Why do we have rules?

In Wheat class we have been learning why we have rules, we started our day discussing our rules if we were the new headteacher at Milton. Later in the day we continued this by playing ball games in pairs without being given any rules. The children soon discovered how chaotic this was so we slowly started to introduce rules into the games. We had a circle time after this where the children discussed that rules keep us safe, rules keep things fair and rules stop us from getting hurt among plenty of other discussions around why rules are important. The class were very thoughtful about this topic and we had lots of meaningful conversations about it.