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Maize Class

Well done to all the children for taking part in Sports Day! It was a wonderful day.

Build a boat using foil or clay. How many marbles can you put it in whilst it floats?

The children used linkies to recreate their favourite vehicle.

Forest School Challenge - Make your name using natural objects.

Making Smed and Smoo music!

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Forest School Learning! The children worked with their grownups to tackle each activity. Everyone showed excellent teamwork, particularly when building their leaf boats.

Grouping carrots for our different furry friends.

What features are in a church? Reverend Peter took Maize class on a tour of the Church, to find out all about the different important features.

Leaf threading in Forest School.

Exploring making doubles, by playing a barrier game. Some pupils recorded their investigations using addition sentences.

After reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, Maize class created their own Prize Cow by joining and painting materials.

Ryewater Nursery Trip! Maize class had the most wonderful day learning about butterflies and the different ways to take care of wildlife.

Today our school was visited by a Paralympian - Katrina Hart! We loved meeting her and really enjoying having a go at her jungle exercise trail.

This week the children have been working in a pair to build a obstacle course. Next, they will be writing instructions for their siblings and friends to follow when they have a go.

A family of buttons. The children worked hard to create button mini me’s of themselves and their family, using googly eyes. They then attached them together on a “thread to their hearts”.

Building a dream home for our families. The children built their family home, then sketched and labelled it on a clipboard.

This week we have been enjoying Art week! The artist we have been learning about is Jackson Pollock. Here the children and exploring different ways of creating Jackson Pollock’s famous drip paintings.

Counting syllables. Maize class have been practising counting the syllables in longer words to help them read and write more complex words.

Today the children read ‘Mr Gumpys Boat’. Here they are exploring adding more creatures into the boat.

Maize class loved celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee. They all worked hard practising and performing our dance, ‘The Bunny Hop’.

This week Maize class are learning all about the Queen! Here the children are building a Palace and Castle fit for the Queen of England.

A wonderful visit to the church this Friday, to hear a story all about kindness.

Today in RE, we learnt about the Hindu story ‘The Gold-Giving Serpent’. We then retold the story with toys and talked about the moral being ‘Don’t be greedy’.

Maize class enjoyed exploring the clues to find out which story we are reading this week. Can you guess?

Which Bear belongs in which habitat? Today the children worked as a team to match up the type of Bear with its habitat.

Let’s all build a word wall! The children read the words to build up their word walls.

What is a good choice? Today the children were discussing which actions are good and which actions are not so good! The children listened carefully to the actions and ran to the correct face.

Maize class loved retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bears today, using bear masks! The children remembered the story really well.

Our new story this week is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children began the week by building Bear Caves and writing signs to welcome people in or warn people not to enter.

The children carefully planned and created a creature using collaging materials. First they drew out their plan and labelled which material they would use for each aspect of their creature, then finally they got creating!

Maize Class Easter Challenge 

Thank you to all the children and families who have sent in or emailed me photos and work for our Easter Challenges. It looks like the children had a lot of fun completing theses challenges over the holidays. 

I will be handing out certificates and prizes on Friday for children who have participated! If your child hasn’t  yet brought anything in, but did have a go please send any evidence you have of this as soon as possible, so that they can be rewarded. The email address to send photos to is

Thank you so much to those who have taken part. It has been wonderful to see the children's proud faces as they share what they have been up to with their class mates. 

Many thanks, 

Miss Walker 

The Boy who Cried Wolf, here the children are reenacting the story!

Today in Forest School the children explored leaf symmetry. The children found a leaf, then they cut the leaf in half and had a go at drawing the other half.

Consolidating the children’s understanding of numbers within 10. Today the children matched up the quantities with the correct numerals.

My Granny went to Market family learning session. The children worked with their grownups to create a ‘mini- magic carpet’ and a tool for Tom’s Explorers backpack.

Investigating which materials would be best for a coat, for Tom the Explorer!

To support the children with their writing, we use the Song of Sounds phoneme finder!

Maize class have enjoyed spending the day learning all about the Holy Week leading up to Easter. The children took part in a variety of activities and have a good understanding of the Easter Story. We finished the day by going on a mini Easter egg hunt!

Learning alphabetical order, the children used the ABC song to help them put the magnetic letters in the right order.

Learning about the properties of 3D shapes!

Science week! Each day the children in Maize class have watched or had a go at a science experiment. Here the children are growing rainbows and seeing the effect of walking water. Capillary action allows the colors from the felt-tips to “walk” across the paper towel to form a rainbow.

In Forest School, the children made 2D shapes using natural resources. They described the features of each shape as they were creating them.

This week Maize class have loved reading Handa’s surprise! To finish the week, the children wrote instructions for how to make a Fruit Salad, using lots of Handa’s delicious fruits. Here are the children enjoying their fruit salads and describing how they taste!

Fizz Pop Science visit Maize Class! Today the children enjoyed their ‘Airmazing’ visit from Astro Alice. The children learnt lots about all the different interesting things air can do!

Maize class are currently reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’. At the end of this week, the children will be making their own fruit salad using the different fruits from Handa’s basket. First, the children planned out which fruits they will use in their fruit salad. They did this by drawing a picture of each of their chosen fruits and labelling it, with a describing word.

This week Maize class are learning more tricky words! Today one of the children's independent challenges was to compose and write a sentence containing tricky word ‘to’.

Maize class looking wonderful on World Book Day 2022! All the children showed an amazing effort and absolutely loved coming in dressed as their favourite character from a book. We focused on the author Eric Carle throughout the day and the children enjoyed hearing more of Eric Carle’s stories.

Inspired by our work last term on ‘The Three Little Pigs’, Maize class built their own houses made out of sticks.

This week we are focusing on the numbers 9 and 10. The children found lots of ways to show 10, they were then asked to show 9. We talked about how 9 is one less than 10, meaning we can just remove one finger/cube/bead.

Maize class had a wonderful first day back at school! We started reading the text ‘Pink is for Boys’ - a book all about challenging gender stereotypes. This promoted lots of discussion is the classroom and the children we asked if they agree with two statements “Only boys can play with cars” and “Only girls can play with dolls”. The children made some excellent points.

Where we were smaller! During circle time, the children shared a photo of themselves, from when they were younger. We then talked about how they have changed and what has stayed the same.

Maize class enjoyed taking part in a welly throwing competition today! Each child took turns to throw their welly, then used different measuring tools to see how far it travelled. The children explored using a trundle wheel and measuring tape.

Visiting the two little pigs next door. Maize class absolutely loved meeting two Kunekune pigs on Friday, the children were even able to throw the pigs some treats. We came up with adjectives to describe the way the pigs looked and the children used the iPad to take photos.

Today the children planted some seeds and bulbs in our flower patch today. We talked about the different ways we could measure our flowers as they grow. Some children suggested using our large wooden ten frame or a ruler. We also discussed using cubes or blocks to measure the plants weekly, which we will compare as spring continues.

Maize class celebrating Holi - the Hindu festival of colour! We started by eating popcorn, then throwing our rubbish onto the fire, to signify starting afresh. Next, the children enjoying throwing colour powder paint in the air and watching the beautiful colours combine.

The children worked hard today at combining dot plates to make 5 or 6 dots altogether. They were also challenged to record the numerals to match each part.

An important message Maize Class learnt today!

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Maize Class were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire service today! All the children listened so well and learned lots.

Week beginning 14.02.21 please can you send your child into school with a photo of themselves when they were younger? We are going to be comparing their photos to how they look now. 

Today the children made cucumber caterpillars. Here you can see photos the children took of each other.

Maize class are making amazing progress with their reading and we are so proud of all of the children for working so hard in school and at home! It would be wonderful if the children could read at least twice at home each week, to make sure that they have a chance to practise the new sounds that they are learning. 

We are also looking for parent volunteers who might like to come into school and read with children individually once a week. If you would be interested email


Thank you so much for your continued support. 
Miss Walker 

Today in Forest school, the children made trolls with a partner. They showed amazing teamwork and decided on each component of their troll together.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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The children in Maize class, show the four stages of the Butterfly Life Cycle.

Next week (Friday 4th Feb) Maize class will be making Hungry Caterpillar’s using egg cartons. If you have any egg cartons in your recycling please can you keep them and send them into school with your children for us to use? By next Wednesday (2nd Feb) would be amazing! Thank you, Miss Walker.

Today we created a story map for our new class story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Then, the children had a go at making some of the different sections of the story using play-dough.

Today, we met Six dinner Sid. The cat who has six different homes and gets to eat six dinners every day! The children built Sid’s six homes and then labelled them in order from 1-6.

Foot prints in the playground! Who’s could they be? And what do they lead to, could it be Gruffalo Crumble?! The children in Maize class tried to solve the mystery by writing Wanted posters to try to find the culprit.

After taking inspiration from ‘The Gruffalo’, Maize class made their own monsters! Next, the children will describe their monsters, using exciting adjectives.

Building a Cairn. Maize class had a go at creating man-made towers by carefully stacking and balancing stones on top of each other. The children showed great concentration.

Today the children explored capacity. They made one of their cups show ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘nearly full’ and ‘nearly empty’.

In Circle time Maize class have been using the PANTS resources. Here is guide for parents, to reinforce at home.

Comparing weight. The children were challenged to find something heavier and something lighter than an orange. We discovered that when something is heavier is pulls the balance scale bucket down towards to ground.

Chinese New Year. Today the children learnt about the Chinese New Year story and acted out the story with puppets of the different animals. They finished the afternoon, making their own Chinese dragons to be used next week when we have a Chinese New Year party.

What would be the best material to use for a roof? Maize class investigated which material would be most suitable for Jack and Jill’s house. We focused on finding out which materials are waterproof.

Maize class had so much fun making faces on the trees. They used salt-dough as a base, then searched for natural objects to become the features of a face.

Maize class have had a wonderful first day back. All the children are already showing an excellent attitude to their learning and have begun collecting beads to achieve a challenge certificate. Today we started reading the story ‘The House that Jack built’ and had a go at building our own houses. Next, the children wrote signs to welcome people into their houses.

Merry Christmas from Maize Class

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More Christmas fun with our buddies. Today the children worked with their buddies to make stained glass window biscuits, paint their salt dough and plant some daffodils bulbs for spring.

Today the children each made a Christingle, which they took home to light at home. We talked about what each element of the Christingle represents.

Breakfast with Santa. Today Maize class visited Orchard Park Garden Centre and had breakfast with Father Christmas. It was a wonderful morning and all the children were very well behaved. The children in Maize class represented the School amazingly well and Father Christmas was very impressed!

Our Year 6 buddies joined the children in Maize class as a special Friday treat! The children showed great teamwork as they made Christmas cards and salt dough Christmas Trees.

The children have been cooking with water beads today, in the mud kitchen. They worked as a team to transport and transfer the beads carefully in order to make their concoctions.

Maize class were tasked with pretending to be ‘Slithering Snakes’ in Jungle Gym today!

Maize class discussing and finding out more about Nocturnal animals!