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Maize Class

Maize class 2023


Your adults this year are:


Miss McDougall

Mrs Bristow.


Your PE days are:


Tuesday and Friday.

We may sometimes do PE on a Wednesday too so we recommend you send your child to school in PE kit on Wednesdays as well.


We use Song of Sounds to support the teaching of phonics, the song that we sing is linked below. 



What we will be learning this half term


Todays fun…

Today we have had a day full of fun. We had Forest school this morning where we went on a scavenger hunt, did some climbing and found lots of interesting things.

We did taste testing this afternoon and we tried different dips and Naan bread.

Some of the flavours we enjoyed…

And some not so much…

We then voted on our favourite dips and made a graph, we spoke about how we know that Tomato Ketchup was the most popular and we counted up the votes.

We also went to the vegetable patch and did some Gardening with Mr White. We loved picking potatoes!



We have had a super busy week in Maize class and we have been working hard with all of our learning.

The threeness of three.

We have been working on the number 3, we have been counting, writing and making 3 using lots of fun activities.

We spoke about corners of shapes and what a corner is and then we identified all the shapes with 3 corners. Some of us recognised that not all shapes with 3 corners look the same, and some triangles have ‘different size’ sides.

We have been working on our number formation using the poem ‘Around the tree, around the tree, now you’ve made a number 3’.

We have also been making groups of 3 and exploring different ways to make 3.

We have also been learning our sounds, we are learning to form them and recognise them. Some of us have successfully read some 3 letter words using the sounds we have learnt!

On Thursday we took a trip to the church to have our welcome service, lots of our adults came along and we sang a nursery rhyme and met our Reverend. We blessed our painted pebbles and we are looking forward to putting them in the school ‘river’ next week.



In Maize class last week we were working on the ‘p’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ sounds. The children are learning to write and confidently recognise these letters.

We have been using short poems to help us remember how to form our letters, here are the poems for this weeks letters.

P – go down the handle, back up and around the pan.

a – Go around the apple, down and flick

t – go down the tigers back, curl round his tail and give him some arms.


If you have a chance to practice the letter formation for these at home it would really benefit their learning.


Another thing that would really benefit the children would be talking about the sounds they have learnt, and trying to think of words in which the children can hear the sound. For example ‘p, p, p what words can you think of that start with p? what about an animal that goes ‘oink’ ?’.


Thank you,

Miss McDougall.


Last week we were learning the sounds ‘a’ ‘t’ and ‘p’ and we have been practicing forming the letters correctly.

We have also been learning how to form the number 2.

In PE we have been showing Miss McDougall our balancing skills.



Settling in

 Last week we spent a lot of time making ourselves familiar with our classroom and our school and getting used to the routines in school, all children are settling in nicely and are starting to show some understanding of the rules and routines in school.


Here are some pictures of us exploring our learning environment:


We have been learning a lot about the number one and have been forming the number in lots of different ways. 

The children were showing a lot of interest in the wet play area and enjoyed watching the water move on the ground so we decided to make our own ‘flood’ on the play ground to observe the water. This was a really great opportunity for children to discuss the way the water moved, the speed of it and changes it made to the tarmac.

We have been reading ‘Ten in the bed’ and we are having lots of fun reciting the poem and taking turns ‘rolling’ out of the bed.