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Maize Class

The Gingerbread Man and his gang made an unwanted appearance.

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This week we are continuing to read the gingerbread man. Maize class made their own salt dough gingerbread man, next they designed a gingerbread man on paper. Finally they set to work decorating.

This week we are focusing on numbers 4 and 5. The children used the five frame to estimate how many shells they could see without out having to count! Some children even matched up the corresponding numicon.

Topic afternoon, we thought about all the organs in our bodies and the importance of cleaning our teeth!

Funky finger time!

Making transient artwork during Forest School

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Pharrell Williams - Happy Music Video with Minions | Abonnieren ➤ | Despicable Me 3 Viral Movie #Trailer | Filminfos

Due to Covid'19 we are unable to meet with our Year 5/6 buddies this term. Instead Maize and Hops are practising a song to learn and then perform via teams to their buddies on Tuesday.

Please could you have a little practise with your children over the weekend!

Many thanks,
Miss Walker and Miss Hirst

Our Remembrance Day Poppy wreath. After talking a little bit about Remembrance Day and why we celebrate it, Maize class joined the school in taking a 2 minutes silence. Next we made hand print poppies to pay tribute to the soldiers and animals who sacrificed their lives in the war.

In Forest School Maize class made a leaf basket. Ask them to tell you how they made it! After letting the glue set we investigated what we had created. The children then discussed with their chatting chums what we could use the leaf basket for. The most popular suggestion was a birds nest, so we went out onto to the Forest Power area to find the perfect spot for it.

DIY fireworks!

This week we have been reading After The Storm. In the story a great storm blows down the big oak tree, which is home to many animals. Maize class had a go at building the animals a new home.

Happy Halloween Maize Class. See you all soon!

What a wonderful half term we have had in Maize class. All the children have worked so hard and have settled in amazingly well.

As I’m sure you have noticed at home, the children’s reading is progressing so quickly and they are becoming efficient at recognising the sounds we have learnt. To ensure that all their hard work pays off, it is so important that the children have opportunities to practise reading their guided reading books, at home. 

We hope you are all enjoying half- term. We can’t wait to see you next week, to hear all about what you’ve been getting up to! 

More tricks from Evil Pea. He froze the poor carrots in ice, maize class had to think about and test out the quickest and best ways to free the veggies. Next the children went on a hunt for Evil Pea, squishing his army as quick as they could.

This week we have been reading 'Supertato' and on Tuesday evening evil pea made an unwanted appearance. He made lots of mischief in our classroom.

Maize class charter, we talked about our rights and responsibilities. Miss Walker wrote up our discussion and the next day we shared it. If the children agreed to follow the class charter they added their photo.

Maize class visited the play dough hair salon this Friday💆🏽‍♀️

Exploring, continuing and creating repeating patterns.

It's Young Minds awareness day today. In Maize class we created our own superhero's. We had a think about what kinds of superpowers could help children who were feeling sad.

On Friday Maize class created the beginnings of their family tree. However, they painted with a rather unusual tool. The results were beautiful!

In maths this week the children had a go at making homes for their toys. Which type of bricks were the easiest to build with? Which made the best home?

Fruit tasting day! We watched Mrs Milverton cut up lots of different types of fruit, we talked about what the fruit looked like, smelt like and tasted like. Lots of children tried a fruit they had never tasted before! After lunch the role play area transformed into a 'Smoothie Shop', each child had a different job!

We made magic wands in Forest School. The children found the perfect stick and some beautiful leaves to add the magic. Next they used their fine motor skills to twist a pipe cleaner around the stick and weaves the leaves into the gaps.

Maize class had so much fun in the mud kitchen this week!

With Harvest Festival being this Sunday, Reverend Peter took us on a virtual Harvest walk. We then had a think about all the things we are thankful for. What else can we do with vegetables?

This week Maize class are learning to sort different objects in different ways. We went over to Milton-on-Stour's Forest Power area to gather lots of different natural resources. We then brought our objects back to the circle and had a go at sorting them into different groups. Some children sorted their objects depending on their size/ colour or type.

We learnt about Mosaics and how they are made. Maize class then created a mosaic based on their favourite animal. The children showcased their fine motor skills by cutting up all the individual squares independently and showed focus and concentration throughout. They were all proud of the end result!

Today the local Vicar came and visited Milton School. Reverend Eve and Reverend Peter blessed the pebbles Maize class had painted and the children added them to the stream. The blessed pebbles will now watch the children grow as they progress through Milton School. The reverend's also read us the story of The Lost Sheep which we listened to in front of the candles lit by our grown ups.

Maize class loved getting introduced to their buddies. Last week the buddies worked together to make an animal from materials in the Forest School and on Tuesday they played catch. They are already forming lovely friendships!

This week Maize class shared the story 'Time for a bath'. Afterwards we had a go at creating our very own bubble bath using different liquids. To make the potion the pupils had to measure out the right quantities of each mixture using a spoon and take turns adding to the potion.

In RE we are learning about the creation story. After thinking about jelly and jellyfish we started wondering about other sea creatures. The children then created their very own sea scene. They made decisions about which types of fish to include and talked about the other things you find in the sea.

This week Maize class have started learning the sounds which will help them learn to read. To help us, Felicity the phoneme Fairy set up lots of different games which helped us to say, read and write the 's' sound. Some children went on a 's' hunt around the school looking for pictures of things beginning with 's' and some children dug for the 's' grapheme in rice.

In RE we have been thinking about the Creation story. After sharing the story, we discussed two things that God made; Jelly fish and jelly! Are Jellyfish made of jelly? The discussion and descriptions the children came up with were fantastic, possibly enhanced by the novelty of feeling the jelly in real life.

Maize class had a look at some photo's of houses in Milton-on-Stour. They then took inspiration and decided to have a go at building their own house with junk modelling material and wooden blocks. We talked about why we have chimneys, what houses are made from and why we need roof's on top of our house.

We had a go at counting ducks using a five frame and wooden number blocks. The children counted the objects and then choose the wooden block to match. We also compared quantities of Ducks and decided which five frame had more or less.

Maize class have been given their very own flower patch by Mr White and Mrs Tidby. In our flower patch we have pansies, daffodil bulbs and snowdrops. It is the children's responsibility to water and care for our flower patch. This should demonstrate to the pupils the importance of looking after our environment, whilst also showcasing the rewards that come with doing so.

In Maize class we shared the story 'I Like Myself'. The children then looked in the mirror at their reflection and painted what they could see. In groups we talked about the things we like best about ourselves!

The children in Maize class choose the correct letters to write their name with Miss Hirst. They started by thinking about which letter their name starts with. Everyone showed perseverance and didn't give up until they were successful! Well done Maize class.

During Forest School Maize class foraged to find the best materials, to make a Hedgehog or Squirrel habitat.

Maize class enjoyed their first few days at school, getting to know Miss Walker and Miss Hirst. They hunted for numbers in shaving foam and made wooden spoons of themselves.