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Maize Class

This week Maize class shared the story time for a bath. Afterwards we had a go at creating our very own bubble bath using different liquids. To make the potion the pupils had to measure out the right quantities of each mixture using a spoon and take turns adding to the potion.

This week Maize class have started learning the sounds which will help them learn to read. To help us, Felicity the phoneme Fairy set up lots of different games which helped us to say, read and write the 's' sound. Some children went on a 's' hunt around the school looking for pictures of things beginning with 's' and some children dug for the 's' grapheme in rice.

In RE we have been thinking about the Creation story. After sharing the story, we discussed two things that God made; Jelly fish and jelly! Are Jellyfish made of jelly? The discussion and descriptions the children came up with were fantastic, possibly enhanced by the novelty of feeling the jelly in real life.

Maize class had a look at some photo's of houses in Milton-on-Stour. They then took inspiration and decided to have a go at building their own house with junk modelling material and wooden blocks. We talked about why we have chimneys, what houses are made from and why we need roof's on top of our house.

We had a go at counting ducks using a five frame and wooden number blocks. The children counted the objects and then choose the wooden block to match. We also compared quantities of Ducks and decided which five frame had more or less.

Maize class have been given their very own flower patch by Mr White and Mrs Tidby. In our flower patch we have pansies, daffodil bulbs and snowdrops. It is the children's responsibility to water and care for our flower patch. This should demonstrate to the pupils the importance of looking after our environment, whilst also showcasing the rewards that come with doing so.

In Maize class we shared the story 'I Like Myself'. The children then looked in the mirror at their reflection and painted what they could see. In groups we talked about the things we like best about ourselves!

The children in Maize class choose the correct letters to write their name with Miss Hirst. They started by thinking about which letter their name starts with. Everyone showed perseverance and didn't give up until they were successful! Well done Maize class.

During Forest School Maize class foraged to find the best materials, to make a Hedgehog or Squirrel habitat.

Maize class enjoyed their first few days at school, getting to know Miss Walker and Miss Hirst. They hunted for numbers in shaving foam and made wooden spoons of themselves.