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Maize Class

Princesses, Knights and Castles Day. Maize class had a wonderful time dressed up in their very best attire. They enjoyed making dragon masks, crowns, shields and junk castles. A wonderful way to end the term!

S’mores in the Forest Power area with our buddies, an afternoon well spent!

The Foaming Dragon Experiment

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Today we observed the reaction between baking powered and vinegar when combined with food colouring and washing up liquid. The children were mesmerised with the results.

A guided tour of St. Simon and St. Jude Church from Reverend Eve and Reverend Peter.

Maize class making stink bombs and writing down the recipes.

In Forest school this week, Maize class had a go at flower hammering. They each picked flowers from our outdoor area. Then using making tape, material and a hammer, the children created a print of the flower on the material.

Amazing problem solving by Maize class. The children were tasked with building super strong boats to hold lots marbles without sinking.

This week we have been practising our tricky words. The children were tasked with reading the words inside the lily pads and then jumping across each one to reach the pond.

Maize class enjoying a bit of sunshine during Forest school. Today the children went on a summer scavenger hunt, they looked carefully for a selection of natural living things and objects.

Maize class have been exploring sharing this week. By selecting a numeral then sharing that many puppies between a number of bowls and finding out how many are left over. They have also been problem solving to help Pirate Panda share his golden coins.

Creating the perfect meal at the Castle for the Frog Prince!

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

Maize class are currently learning to double numbers between 1-10. They have enjoyed listening and joining in with this song to help them learn their doubles.

Maize class making 2D shapes using natural resources.

Maize Music Wall

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Maize class enjoying using our new music wall. Thank you to the kind, generous parents who donated pot and pans.

Princesses, Castles and Knights Topic

In Maths this week we have been using different resources to find half.

Maize class have loved making dens and bear caves with our new den building equipment. Thank you to the PTFA for kindly purchasing this for us!

Maize class exploring clues to our new story!

Dear parents of children in Maize class. Mr white and I are hoping to create a music wall, to add to our outdoor area (below is an image of what it will look like when it is completed). However, we are running low on pots and pans to add to it. I would like to request some donations from our lovely parents? If you have pots, pans, cake tins etc. going spare, they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Miss Walker.

Today we made some signs to warn people about the horrible, mean, ugly troll living underneath the bridge!

This week Maize class have been learning how to take away. We have been using a bus which our mini me’s love to travel on. However, so that the mini me’s know where to hop off we needed to make some bus stops!

On Friday Maize class were lucky enough to have enjoyed a virtual fire safety workshop. We throughly enjoyed learning rhymes to help us keep safe. Attached are some useful documents for Parents and Carers.

In circle time this week Maize class have been thinking about how when we say something it can’t be unsaid. Which means we should always try to make sure that the words we say are kind. Maize class practised saying kind words to sad faces to cheer them up. When the children said kind, positive words they turned the cone to reveal a happy face.

Today in Forest School Maize class investigated whether the statement ‘big trees have big leaves’ was true. The children were given clipboards, rulers and string to support their investigation. We came to the conclusion that some big tree have big leaves, but some have small leaves.

Maize class enjoying exploring numbers beyond 10!

Today the children created their own Northern Lights artwork. First they crumbled up paper, then they used water colours to paint different sections of the crumbled paper.

Maize class have been taking very good care of their bean plants!

Maize class enjoyed visiting the church this morning. Reverend Eve and Reverend Peter shared the story Noah’s Ark!

Maize class making a wonderful start to our new ‘Explorers’ topic!

Maize enjoyed making chicks for their Easter cards. To make them they wound wool around the chicks body using their fine motor skills. Next they added a beak, some eggs and a nest for the chick to sit in.

This week to finish our class story Jack and the Beanstalk the pupils planted their very own bean. Which they will watch grow through the Easter holidays. Make sure you tape the beans onto a window, so that they get lots of sunlight.

Maize class enjoyed foraging for natural objects today, they looked carefully and choose leaves, flowers and seeds. Next, they created Spring art work using their natural objects.

Now that our Handa’s Surprise stories are all finished, we can post them to the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I’m sure he is so excited to read them.

Maize have been creating art out of beans. The children quickly worked that drawing their picture first allowed them to create shapes with the beans.

Our daffodils have bloomed in our flower patch. Some children in Maize decided to do some observational drawings of them.

Today we made self portraits using fruits. The children carefully choose which fruits to use for their different features.

Maize class had a problem to solve today! Raccoon has ‘staycation’ booked but he wasn’t sure he had counted the different things he needs to take with him correctly. Maize class spotted his mistakes and helped him fix them.

Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge

In Maize class we thought it would be fun to give the Bring Sally Up squat challenge a try. Can you do it?

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful Mummy’s of Maize class children!

Maize class really enjoyed role playing Handa’s Surprise this week.

Our new class story is Handa’s Surprise! Children chose and wrote about their favourite parts of the story. Next we thought about what the animals might say when they take Handa’s fruits.

Maize class are happy to be back in school altogether. We have had a wonderful few days already!

We have had lots of fun on the play trail this week!

To celebrate World Book Day Maize class had a go at a problem solving tasks based on the book ‘One is a snail, Ten is crab’. Noah saw 12 legs walk onto the Ark, how many different animals could have walked onto the Ark? We explored lots of different combinations.

The Hungry Caterpillar visited Maize class and our home learners for tea!

This week we are learning about 3-D shapes. Today we have a go at making repeating patterns, by printing 3D shapes into the play dough.

In Maize we are reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Today we tasted some of the foods that the Hungry caterpillar eats in the story. Next we thought a lot about how the foods felt and how they tasted to help us think of some exciting describing words.

To celebrate Valentines Day we made Marbled Heart cards. We used shaving foam and food colouring to create the marble effect.

A map to help Max get back to where someone loves him best! The map had to be super detailed to make sure the journey was simple and easy for Max.

This week we learnt about Holi, a Hindu festival which celebrates the beginning of Spring! We recreated the celebration using different coloured paint. It was a lot of fun!

Making dinosaur fossils!

This week we have started reading Where the Wild Things are. Today we made our own Wild Things!

Today during Forest School we learnt about what a Cairn is - a man made tower of natural stones. Next we had a go at making our own. First we searched for stones, then put placed them in order from biggest to smallest. Finally we assembled our Cairn starting with large stones at the bottom and smaller stones at the top.

Fizzy dinosaur egg reveal!

This week we innovated Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Below are some of our home learners new characters.

Today during Forest School the children made ‘Shape Mobiles’. They had lots of great discussions all about shapes and their properties.

Goldilocks felt terrible for everything she did to the Three Bears, so she wrote them a letter to apologise.

Birds nest building - First we watched a video of a bird building it’s nest. Then we collected flexible twigs for the outside and soft moss for the inside. Finally the children assembled the birds nest ready for a lucky bird to use for thier freshly laid eggs.

Today Maize class channelled their inner Bear and made their very own Bear Cave. Next they wrote a clear sign to either scare people away or invite them in.

What made Baby Bear’s porridge taste just right? In Maize class we had a go at making ‘The perfect porridge’ recipe. We added lots of special ingredients to make it taste extra yummy.

Five little speckled frogs investigation. A mixture of work from our key worker children and home learners.

Some fantastic home learning from our children learning from home.

This weeks Rumpus and Roar, Galore Challenge was to build a junk Dinosaur. Here are some superb creations from our home learners.

Our first week of blended learning has gone so well! Every single child in Maize class has been working super hard. At school we did lots of crafty activities even making our own junk dinosaurs. We also used the app ‘archaeologist’ to find out more about dinosaurs.

Good morning Maize Class! This term our topic is called 'Rumpus and Roar Galore'. Can you guess what we will be learning about?

During Forest School Maize had a go at whittling sticks using potato peelers. They worked in pairs with one person making sure their partner was being safe and sensible.

Paper snow on Christmas jumper day!

We have been thinking about Advent in Maize class! Everyone made a Christingle and we talked about what the different elements represent.

Maize class have a mission! Father Christmas’s top team of Elves have come down with Coronavirus. Of course Maize are happy to take their places and wrap up all Father Christmas’s presents.

What would you do if you were the Gingerbread man when he arrived at the river? Build a boat! We worked in teams to build the perfect boat to get the gingerbread man across the river.

We had so much fun in PE this week! We explored different sized balls and tried to balance them on different parts of our bodies. Next we had a relay race!

In maths we found all the different ways you can make 5 and printed the different shapes.

The Gingerbread Man and his gang made an unwanted appearance.

Still image for this video

This week we are continuing to read the gingerbread man. Maize class made their own salt dough gingerbread man, next they designed a gingerbread man on paper. Finally they set to work decorating.

This week we are focusing on numbers 4 and 5. The children used the five frame to estimate how many shells they could see without out having to count! Some children even matched up the corresponding numicon.

Topic afternoon, we thought about all the organs in our bodies and the importance of cleaning our teeth!

Funky finger time!

Making transient artwork during Forest School

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Pharrell Williams - Happy Music Video with Minions | Abonnieren ➤ | Despicable Me 3 Viral Movie #Trailer | Filminfos

Due to Covid'19 we are unable to meet with our Year 5/6 buddies this term. Instead Maize and Hops are practising a song to learn and then perform via teams to their buddies on Tuesday.

Please could you have a little practise with your children over the weekend!

Many thanks,
Miss Walker and Miss Hirst

Our Remembrance Day Poppy wreath. After talking a little bit about Remembrance Day and why we celebrate it, Maize class joined the school in taking a 2 minutes silence. Next we made hand print poppies to pay tribute to the soldiers and animals who sacrificed their lives in the war.

In Forest School Maize class made a leaf basket. Ask them to tell you how they made it! After letting the glue set we investigated what we had created. The children then discussed with their chatting chums what we could use the leaf basket for. The most popular suggestion was a birds nest, so we went out onto to the Forest Power area to find the perfect spot for it.

DIY fireworks!

This week we have been reading After The Storm. In the story a great storm blows down the big oak tree, which is home to many animals. Maize class had a go at building the animals a new home.

Happy Halloween Maize Class. See you all soon!

What a wonderful half term we have had in Maize class. All the children have worked so hard and have settled in amazingly well.

As I’m sure you have noticed at home, the children’s reading is progressing so quickly and they are becoming efficient at recognising the sounds we have learnt. To ensure that all their hard work pays off, it is so important that the children have opportunities to practise reading their guided reading books, at home. 

We hope you are all enjoying half- term. We can’t wait to see you next week, to hear all about what you’ve been getting up to! 

More tricks from Evil Pea. He froze the poor carrots in ice, maize class had to think about and test out the quickest and best ways to free the veggies. Next the children went on a hunt for Evil Pea, squishing his army as quick as they could.

This week we have been reading 'Supertato' and on Tuesday evening evil pea made an unwanted appearance. He made lots of mischief in our classroom.

Maize class charter, we talked about our rights and responsibilities. Miss Walker wrote up our discussion and the next day we shared it. If the children agreed to follow the class charter they added their photo.

Maize class visited the play dough hair salon this Friday💆🏽‍♀️

Exploring, continuing and creating repeating patterns.