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Maize class: Shapes.


Maize class have been learning all about squares, circles and triangles. 

We have been making these shapes using rubber bands and peg boards, we have been tracing shapes, sorting shapes and finding shapes in the world around us.

Maize class: The threeness of three.

We have been working on the number 3, we have been counting, writing and making 3 using lots of fun activities.

We spoke about corners of shapes and what a corner is and then we identified all the shapes with 3 corners. Some of us recognised that not all shapes with 3 corners look the same, and some triangles have ‘different size’ sides.

We have been working on our number formation using the poem ‘Around the tree, around the tree, now you’ve made a number 3’.

We have also been making groups of 3 and exploring different ways to make 3. 
We made 3 using one group of three, a group of two and a one, and three groups of one.

Wheat: counting in multiplies of 10

Intent and Implementation and Impact

Oats Class measuring capacity

28.2.22 Wheat class were looking at measuring- Biggest and smallest- They used classroom objects and put them in the correct size

01.02.22 - Maize Class have been exploring combining two groups this week. They then found the correct numeral!

1.2.22 Wheat- Problem solving- This morning the children in Wheat class were set a colour sudoku challenge to solve in pairs.

Learning to divide in Oats Class

Making change and shopping on Oats Class

Column addition in Oats Class

Problem solving in Oats Class - how many shoes will the alien teacher need to order?

Addition in Reception.

Division by sharing in year 1

Division using concrete resources.

Making Arrays in Forest Power - Wheat Class

Problem Solving in Year 5 and 6